Permateek cleaning and maintenance guide

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Permateek is made from outdoor grade, UV stabilised, non-porous PVC. This means it’s extremely easy to look after, and possible one of the key reasons you chose it. It does need to care taken when using and cleaning it though. This is a short guide on what to do and what not to do. If you get stuck, give us a call.

To clean your new deck

Exterior (unsealed) Permateek

If your exterior deck needs a clean, all you need to do is use a stiff deck brush (usually with plastic bristles) and a bucket of mild soapy water. Something like boat/car shampoo or  washing up liquid solution.

You can also use a pressure washer on the main deck to clean it. The central caulking lines are part of the PVC material so you won’t damage them. However, stay away from the edges of the deck as often these are caulked in with a different material and powerful pressure washers can cause damage. Also, be careful, the rest of your yacht might not be so resilient.

The deck is stain resistant as it’s a non-porous PVC product. However, in extreme cases (e.g. if you spill red wine on it and leave it for 24 hours) then the surface layer can show a small stain. If the normal cleaning process doesn’t work, you can sand it back a little. This can be done with a coarse 40 grit good quality sand paper. Always sand with the grain and gently sand out the stain. You may need to lightly sand surrounding areas to match in the colour as Permateek can change very slightly over time – don’t worry it will blend in again over a short time until it’s not visible.

Interior (sealed) Permateek

The interior is slightly different as we treat Permateek in galleys, heads, etc with a triple coat clear satin sealer. This makes the surface wipe clean as you obviously can’t use a bucket of water or pressure washer inside. Any spills can just be wiped up with a cloth and mild detergent. It’s advisable not to use a scouring pad as this can damage the surface of the sealer.

Regular maintenance

Permateek is UV stabilised, outdoor grade PVC. This means it doesn’t need regular maintenance like natural teak would.

In high traffic areas like walkways and gangplanks/passerelles you can see some smoothing off of the surface of Permateek over time. If you want to return the surface to its original texture, you can gently sand it with a good quality 40 grit sandpaper. Remember to always sand with the grain and slowly build up the amount of sanding to match surrounding areas.

Do not…

  1. Do not use wire brushes, scouring pads or anything that will score the surface of the material – it’s not hard PVC so can be scratched.
  2. Do not wear high heels while walking on the deck as they will leave dimples in it that are very hard to remove effectively.
  3. Do not clean the deck with, or use near the deck… solvents (like acetone), acids, bleach or other harsh chemicals. They can damage the Permateek and the glue that holds it in place.
  4. Do not drag heavy objects across your deck as these will likely leave scratches or in extreme cases gouges that cannot be repaired easily.
  5. Do not place hot objects on the Permateek deck… it’s PVC plastic and will melt if you do this.

An important note on your guarantee


5 year guarantee

The guarantee we provide is 5 years from delivery on the Permateek product, the completed deck and the fitting. If you have any trouble at all during this time, please contact us and we’ll get it sorted.

Refer to our Terms and Conditions for more details on the Guarantee conditions.

Note that failure to follow the instructions on this guide can lead to the voiding of your guarantee.

If in doubt, you need some help, or want a copy of our terms, including guarantee, please contact us on the details above.

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